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To get a website tester job, you’ll need a computer (sometimes a smartphone or other mobile device), occasionally a webcam, and access to the internet.The pay varies, but on average you can expect to make about for every site you test. If you’re concerned that you have no idea how to test a website, don’t worry.Related – Try MY UI focuses on testing websites for usability, so you’ll capture video of your computer screen (screencast) while recording your impressions (via microphone) about the website’s design, and complete specific tasks the client is testing for.Tests range from 15 to 20 minutes long, and you’ll be paid for every test.To start testing, you’ll need a Mac or PC, webcam, microphone, and high-speed internet access.At UTest, you sign up to get access to the job board, where you can pick jobs based on your profile compatibility.A few of the companies give example videos of how it’s done.

You can use your computer (PC or Mac) and mobile devices (Android, i Phone, and tablets) to complete tasks, with compensation through Pay Pal.Earn up to 50 Euros (just over USD) depending on the length of the test.You’ll be paid within 10 days to your bank account or Pay Pal account.At Userbrain, you start testing by recording an example video.Once approved, you can start doing paid website tests (from 5 to 10 minutes long), and get paid for each video.

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